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Travis County Reimers Ranch Park

Travis County purchased over 2000 acres of land along the Pedernales River from the Reimers family who had lived and ranched in the Texas Hill Country since 1882. The site is a large tract of land with natural springs, canyons, and vistas overlooking the River and the Texas Hill Country. The area around Reimers ranch, however is rapidly succumbing to development which makes the park a particularly valuable fragment of a diminishing landscape type.  As part of an overall park master plan, our firm was hired  to develop a historic analysis of the property for public interpretation. Research addresses the cultures of native Texas Indians, early German settlement in Texas, the life of sheep farmers, plants and wildlife, and how advancing European settlement, over time,

changed the Texas landscape. It’s a bittersweet story of a families forging a new life in Texas and gaining much through hard work, perseverance, and overcoming significant obstacles. It’s also a story of great loss and how, in our fervor to advance, native Americans culture, native plants and wildlife were decimated. This research provides an educational opportunity to understand more deeply the complex relationships between human existence and our native ecological systems and presents a reason why Reimers Ranch Park is worthy of our care and responsible stewardship as a public treasure.

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