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Rockport Beach Retreat

This 1868 Greek Revival home, formerly the residence of James Fulton, is a registered Texas historic landmark in the fishing community of Rockport, Texas. This historic gem needed an owner with passion, vision and a desire to renovate a charming but dilapidated historic home. Enter Jeff and Anne Hunt who fell in love with the home’s potential and envisioned it as the centerpiece for a family compound and beach retreat. When taking on the project, Anne and Jeff recognized that the site definitely had issues. Privacy was a significant problem to overcome. As the town of Rockport developed over time, the home was eventually surrounded by a 4-lane highway,

commercial buildings and a “big box” grocery store. Co’ design was hired to develop a landscape master plan to address privacy issues as well as the Owner’s desire for a guest house, swimming pool and outdoor kitchen area. Densely vegetated and richly textured hedges will provide privacy while the front view of the historic home will be open to passersby. The house will not only be a private retreat but also a gift to the City of Rockport in respect of its important community heritage. Photography by Carolyn Brisco

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